We have the capacity for the bulk production of perfumes that makes it cost effective for our consumers. Our range of perfumes include fragrances such as Lavenders, Floral, Sandal varieties, Lime, Lemon, Jasmine, Rose, Aqua, Herbal, Fancy perfumes etc. for use in Toilet Soaps, Liquid soaps, Talcum Powders, Detergents, Shampoos, Shaving Creams, After -Shave Lotions, Vaseline, Agarbatties ( Incense ) etc.

We have a fully fledged and well equipped R & D facility which is engaged in continuous improvement in Product quality and Product Development.

We have an array of excellent perfumes to suit every human skin in the bath soap & toilet soap segment such as for
Pink Soaps
Rose varieties, Jasmine, floral fragrances and fancy perfumes.
Green Soaps
Herbal Perfumes, Lime, Lemon, fruity, floral etc.
Yellow Soaps
Sandal, Woody, Lime, Lemon and fragrances that suit the colour of the soap.
Cream Soap
Creamy Soap perfumes with luxurious fragrance that adds richness and glamour to the cream soap.
White Soap
Jasmines, Lavenders, Rose, fancy perfumes.
Fruity Perfumes
Such as Green Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, watermelon, apricot, Orange, lemon etc. that makes for a very pleasant fruity odor and enriches the soap.
Herbal Soaps
Ayurvedic herbal perfumes, neem, Tulsi, Amla, Almond, reetha, & other fragrances from flowers, leaves, wood & root extracts.
We have an exhaustive range of perfumes to choose for ordinary Detergent Cakes and powders and for Premium Detergent cakes & powders. For ordinary and cheaper varieties of det. cakes, powders we have perfumes that are affordable for detergent manufacturers in the lower range product segment in fragrances such as Lime, Lemon Rose floral etc. For the premium detergent manufacturers we have an excellent range of perfumes that justify the product by adding value to it. The fragrances include Floral, Fruity, lavender Mist, musky or any fragrance tailored to manufacturers preferences.

Incense industry in India is very vast and is spread all over the country because of its Ancient, Traditional, religious aspect and had already found its roots when India was mainly rural. From its humble beginnings in the rural countryside the incense manufacture has grown very huge and has been an export earner for many years now. The development of the Incense market brought in competition thereby driving the manufacturer to give both quality and wide choice of fragrance to choose from. This encouraged the perfumers to blend and introduce new types of fragrances.

We at the Aromas have always taken it up as a challenge and have helped the incense manufacturers by blending winning fragrances for their product. We cater to the evergreen floral fragrances in the Floral varieties such as Rose, Jasmine, Indian Kewda, Chaffa, Champa etc. and Sandal types and also have been very keen to experiment new notes and fragrances and successfully introduced fancy perfumes such as Brut, Lavender etc. to cater to Urban taste. We have successfully blended perfumes for the Export segment thereby catering to the International tastes in Floral, leafy, woody note fragrances that find acceptance in the International market.
For the cosmetics industry we have an interesting range of fragrances to choose from such as Colognes, Brut, Denim etc. or custom built products blended to the customer preferences and application.
We incorporate your requirements and your suggestions and have our R & D facility to create the entirely new blend of perfumes. Please look into the feedback section wherein you will comes across a feedback form. In the form you can send us the information about the type of Industry, the type of perfume you are looking for and the application of the perfume in to the relevant product.